Nocturne the Vampire

Age: 456 (Appears 23)

Height: 5’8”

Build: Slender

Skin tone: Alice Blue

Eyes: Crimson

Hair: Black, Crimson, Emerald, White, and Aqua

Weapon of Choice: Saber and Vampire Magic



Bloody Split: Nocturne stabs her Saber into her opponent’s face and slashes up. Severing their head in twain. She then then slashes again downward bisecting them.

Kiss of Blood:

Going Batty: Nocturne snaps her fingers and her opponent’s literally explode in a swarm of bats.

Undead Superiority:

Theme: Mariah Carey - Obsessed

Other Notes: Nocturne has a belly ring that is a dangle type with a charm in the shape of a bat. She also has a ruby tongue ring. 

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