Khepri the Abyssal


Age: Unknown

Height: 5’2”

Build: Petite

Skin tone: French Lime

Eyes: Yellow with Black Sclera

Hair: Green, Yellow, Brown, Red

Weapon of Choice: Powers over Insects and a Great Axe



This Will Bug You:

Halo of Flies: Khepri blows a kiss at her opponent and a swarm of flies swarm around her opponent’s head, devouring the flesh from their skull.  Khepri then flits over and yanks her opponent’s skull from their spine, kicking over their corpse.

Mad Locust Rising:


Theme: Beyonce – Naughty Girl

Other Notes: Khepri’s navel ring is a Belly Dangle type with a charm in the shape of a golden fly. She also has a locust tattooed on her right thigh.

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