Antheia the Dryad

Age: 412 (Appears 23)

Height: 5’6”

Build: Slender

Skin tone: Apple green

Eyes: Chartreuse

Hair: Hunter Green, Mint, and Jungle Green (Long and Wild)

Weapon of Choice: Forest Magic and a Staff



Fury of the Forest:

Viridian War:

A Thorny Situation:

Green Kiss:  Antheia approaches her opponent and kisses them sensually. She pulls away slowly, staring into their eyes. She smiles a bit before stepping back. She turns around as tree branches tear out of her opponent’s flesh until they are torn to shreds.

Theme: Brittany Spears - Toxic

Other Notes: Antheia’s navel ring is a dangle type with a charm in the shape of a red rose. She also has a tongue stud in the shape of a red rose. She also has a flower tattooed on her right shoulder blade. 

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